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Washers and Dryers: We Have What You Need!
When you are going to buy a washer and dryer, look for features that make your work easier and more efficient, less costly, and gentler on fabrics. With advances in technology, we have great selections for you to do just that. Both top-loading and front-loading washing machines will do a great job of cleaning your clothes, but there are differences between these: capacity, energy efficiency, water use, feature options, and style.

Traditional top-loading washers are usually less expensive but are more costly to operate because they use more water and electricity. On the other hand, front-loading machines excel in performance and efficiency with energy. Because they clean by tumbling and not agitation, front-loaders are usually more gentle on fabrics. It's also good to know that new washing machines, top loading or front loading, are high efficiency and require HE detergents. These are special, low-sudsing cleaners made specifically for low water volume machines and are labeled HE.
The decision to purchase a gas dryer versus an electric dryer will depend on whether you have an available gas line in your home. Before you choose a new clothes dryer, make sure you are not going to pay more for everyday energy costs than you need to. Most electric dryers operate on a 240-volt current, so your laundry area must have a large three prong 240-volt outlet. Electric dryers are slightly more expensive than gas dryers to operate. The initial cost of a gas dryer is usually slightly higher than that of an electric dryer, but they are typically less expensive to operate. It usually takes only a year or two to make up the purchase-price difference with energy savings.‚Äč
Pesky Grease Stains, Help!
Not again! Have you ever said that after removing your clothes from the dryer ready to fold and once again see that persistent grease stain on your clothing? You know, those troublesome greasy stains that come from cooking or cleaning in your home? Everything you try does not remove them, or it takes several attempts and multiple washings. They are one of the most problematic of all laundry stains, and many products that claim to remove them just don't do the job 100% and you don't want to wear the garment until you try and try again. They drive you crazy, don't they?
Do yourself a big favor... buy a product like Goo Gone. It's a citrus-based solvent you can find almost anywhere. Aside from being a great cleaner of anything sticky or gummy, it really shines with greasy laundry stains. Simply pour a small amount of the the product directly on the stain about 10 minutes before your wash load. Agitate it lightly by rubbing the fabric together. Wash the garment normally with your load, and then you will be giving us a call to say thanks! It works almost 100% of the time on the very first try and you can say good-bye to those grease stains!

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Helpful Tip
Check the water hoses on your washer regularly for cracks or wear. Consider installing a shutoff valve. These reduce the pressure on the hoses, and may save you from a flood in the future.

Save Money and Help the Environment
GO GREEN! We carry a full line of Energy Star rated products. Be more conscious of the environment, and best of all, you save money!

Did You Know?
Energy Star rated washing machines cut water and energy consumption by more than 40%.
Energy Star rated washing machines have faster spin speeds. This leaves your clothing less wet at the end of the cycle and reduces the time it takes to dry them.
Some of our washer and dryer combos have synchronized timing to reduce your trips to the laundry room? Neat, huh?
Energy efficient dryers employ moisture sensors, which monitor moisture and stop the cycle automatically when the load is dry.
When shopping, look for the bright yellow and black EnergyGuide label. It will tell you how much it costs to run.


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